2018 5th World Laureate Science Summit


Plenary Speakers

  Aaron Ciechanover
2004 Nobel Laureate in
Kary Banks Mullis
1993 Nobel Laureate in

Jeffrey C. Hall
2017 Nobel Laureate in
Physiology or Medicine
John B. Gurdon
2012 Nobel Laureate in

Physiology or Medicine
  John O'Keefe
2014 Nobel Laureate in
Physiology or Medicine
Kenneth C. Anderson

Chief of the Division of Hematologic Neoplasia at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
  Jedd D. Wolchok

Chief of the Melanoma
and Immunotherapeutics Service of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Hong Mingqi
Member, Academia Sinica
  Jie He 

Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yuquan Wei 

Member, Chinese Academy
of Sciences
  Lieping Chen

Professor of Immunology of Yale University School of Medicine

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